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How do I choose my fragrance ?

The fragrance you choose can be interpreted as language and identity. You then express parts of your personality and choose the image you want to project. The fragrance is “worn” by the person. The trail of perfume left by this person will be his/her signature.

As the fragrance evolves on your skin, it should be tested before buying. Certain areas of the body such as the neck, the inside of the wrists and the neckline are particularly suitable for applying a few drops of perfume.

Our Spiritual Sky collection of fragrances Spiritual Sky includes 12 olfactory compositions inspired by discovery travels. The trail you leave during your daily activities when wearing one of these fragrances is simple yet evocative and stylish.

Why use a fragrance in your home ?

Home fragrances add to the atmosphere you want to create in a room or at a point in time. Fresh, sweet, energetic, sensory appeal for memories you want to relive... these fragrances provide a wide variety of scents for the different moments of your life to create emotionally charged memories.

How do I use a room spray?

Thanks to the light mist produced by the room spray, the fragrance is recreated  Simply spray for the journey to begin.

Our collection of Spiritual Sky room sprays includes 6 olfactory universes to personalise your home, provide refinement and extra soul.

How do I use aromatic oils ?

Aromatic oils must be used in an oil burner. The middle and base note are stronger for a more sensual atmosphere. They can also be used to recharge the scent of a potpourri.

How do I use scented incense ?

Incense must be lit. Their fragrant smoke will develop in the room and can be used to cover other odours.  Just light the tip of the incense stick or cone for it to burn down slowly.

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