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Naturena is a range Hair care treatment products with protective and regenerating active ingredients for youthful hair. These gentle hair care products are enriched with active ingredients aimed at protecting and regenerating your hair, thus addressing many aspects of ageing hair.


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The Naturena range draws its active ingredients in the bud and the seed at the very heart of the plant where its vital forces are concentrated. Buds and seeds are important reserves of amino-acids, minerals, trace elements and fat which form the hair fibre and particularly suited to hair care products.
They are also particularly rich in plant hormones which promote protein synthesis as well as cell hydration and regeneration. The combination of magnolia and Lebanese cedar buds is at the heart of our formulas for our Hair care treatment products for youthful hair.

Plant active ingredients which are highly selective have been included in our hair care products. These have beneficial properties for the scalp, hair bulb and hair fibre. A new high-tech extraction process has been used in order to preserve the best properties of the plant.

The Naturena range includes the following 4 anti-ageing vitality hair care formulas with hair preserving, protecting and regenerating properties: the anti-aging hair serum, the vital energy hair mask, the vitality shampoo and the tonic hair mousse. All formulas have been tested under medical supervision.


Our plant complex

The entire Naturena hair care range has been formulated with extracts of magnolia and Lebanese cedar buds.

  • The Lebanese cedar bud is particularly rich in plant hormones which are involved in cell growth and division. Our extract of Lebanese cedar bud is obtained by cryoextraction, an innovative and patented high-tech technology. Thanks to this technique, the active ingredients of the fresh plant can be extracted at very low temperature without using solvent. The organoleptic properties of these extracts are fully preserved. The natural ingredients, even the most fragile such as enzymes, vitamins and polyphenols are well preserved.
  • The magnolia bud contains high levels of honokiol and magnolol, compounds with very powerful antioxidant properties. This magnolia bud is also rich in components able to activate microcirculation. These improve nutritional intake around the hair bulb.

The synergy between these two active ingredients results in an overall care and beauty product.


Your care and beauty result

The active ingredients in the Naturena have a direct effect on the hair bulb, the scalp and the hair fibre for an overall improvement of your hair system. They protect and preserve youthful hair. The anti-ageing hair serum limits hair loss. The results are visible as early as the fifth day of application.

These hair care products are also beauty treatments for your hair.

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