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Preserving youthful hair requires a good understanding of the hair ageing factors as well as the use of suitable hair care products.

Hair ageing is a complex phenomenon either linked to:

  • external factors independent of the age of the person, such as sun, wind, UV rays, repeated hair colours and hair bleaching. The hair fibre becomes dry, damaged and brittle;
  • or to the age of the person. In this case, ageing affects the hair fibre which becomes finer, the hair bulb gets gradually smaller, transepidermal water loss occurs. The hair fibre becomes porous and grey hair starts appearing. Gradual hair loss is also observed as it is not compensated by regrowth.

Whatever the cause of aging hair, the hair is more fragile and loses radiance, vitality and strength. It is also much more sensitive to external aggressions and UV rays. Specialised treatments are then needed to protect the entire hair system.

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