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Eaux de toilette sprays
Spiritual Sky


Our Spiritual Sky collection of fragrances includes 12 olfactory compositions created by our partner Jean Claude Gigodot.

Inspired by discovery travels, the trail you leave during your daily activities when wearing one of these fragrances is simple yet evocative and stylish.

La collection d’Eaux de toilette Spiritual Sky comprend douze compositions olfactives créées par notre parfumeur partenaire Jean Claude Gigodot.

Inspirées de voyages découvertes, leurs sillages simples, évocateurs et élégants vous habillent et vous accompagnent au quotidien.

Our scents

Ambergris : the top note is slightly sparkling and zesty on a woody note rounded by a generous and comforting vanilla.

Vanilla coconut: a sweet accord of vanilla and coconut embracing the elegant sensuality of musk.

White musk: the subtle and timeless sensuality of musk with slight pink flowery notes.

Patchouli rose: the elegant and voluptuous scent of patchouli and rose, a fragrance embodying absolute femininity.

Spicy sandalwood: a fresh and spicy citrus top note followed by the woody and slightly milky accents of sandalwood subtly enhanced by warm musk.

Vanilla green tea: an original accord of musky sweet vanilla associated with fresh green tea notes. 

Bergamot spice flower: the delicate combination of citrus notes and flowers with slight subtle spicy notes.

Tea blackberry: its fruity blackberry notes combined with the elegant freshness of tea and the sensuality of musk result in a timeless but modern fruity fragrance.

Melon frangipani: the bright and fruity fragrance of melon blends into the captivating and exotic accents of white frangipani blossoms.

Lotus flower: a floral fragrance with subtly sweet and soothing accents. The lotus flower is highly symbolical in many cultures.

Patchouli: the oriental woody notes of patchouli evoke freedom-loving feminine confidence.

Vanilla: the sweet and soothing vanilla notes on slightly caramelised accents – to be enjoyed without moderation.

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