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Our collection of Spiritual Sky room sprays includes 6 olfactory universes to personalise your home, provide refinement and extra soul.

Thanks to the light mist produced by the room spray, the fragrance is recreated. Simply spray for the journey to begin.

The creation of fragrant atmospheres can be found in many ancient traditions which highlights the importance of this practice.

Creating the olfactory combination for a room fragrance requires expert knowledge on the way the harmony of scents develops over time and space.

Our expertise draws on 25 years of experience.

The Spiritual Sky sprays can also be used in your car.

Our scents

Provençal lavender: this unique fragrance conjures up images of luminous and striking blue landscapes of Provence, its relaxed lifestyle and slower pace for quiet moments.

Almond and nutmeg: a comforting, soft and enveloping atmosphere, almost protective, like a cocoon.

Blackberry and fruit: a fruity and bubbly top note which transforms into a smooth and elegant blackberry and musk harmony.   

Vanilla and tomato leaf: an unusual combination of sweet and powdery vanilla with green tomato leaf notes.  

Orange and ocean breeze: a fresh and light top note which evolves into a zesty but smooth orange base note.  

Vanilla pod: in need of sweet, happy childhood memories?  Then this is the perfect fragrance to reconnect with your inner child.

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