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Scented oils are used in a oil burner or to recharge the scent of a potpourri.

The scents produced by aromatic oils enhance the sweetest, most captivating notes...

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The Spiritual Sky secented oils are available in twenty-seven fragrances.

Ambergris - Vanilla apricot - Orange blossom – Vanilla coconut - Cinnamon - Cedar wood - Honeysuckle - Lemon – Ocean Breeze - Citrus spice- Toffee - Bamboo - Strawberry – Passion fruit - Jasmine - Lavender - Magnolia - Tea - White Musk – Lily of the valley - Coconut - Patchouli - Peach - Apple - Rose - Sandalwood - Vanilla

NJD Cosmetics Spiritual Sky Eaux de toilette

NJD Cosmetics Spiritual Sky Parfums dambiance

NJD Cosmetics Spiritual Sky Huiles parfumees

NJD Cosmetics Spiritual Sky Encens batons et accessoires

NJD Cosmetics Spiritual Sky Encens cones et accessoires

NJD Cosmetics Spiritual Sky Baume de massage

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