Choosing the right fragrance

The approach will be different whether you are choosing a perfume for yourself or selecting a room fragrance.


The fragrance you choose for yourself can be interpreted as a language and identity.

When selecting your perfume, you are expressing parts of your personality and choosing the image you want to project.

As a perfume will evolve on someone’s skin, the fragrance will be “worn” by that person. The trail of perfume he/she leaves will be his/her signature. Certain areas of the body such as the neck, the inside of the wrists and the neckline are particularly suitable for applying a few drops of perfume.

Some fragrance can be chosen for special moments, depending on what you want to express, as a ritual.

A certain stages of your life - such as pregnancy, a new relationship, a move – you may decide to redefine your scent identity and choose a new perfume.

When you choose your fragrance, it needs to be part of your everyday life and you need to feel in perfect harmony with that perfume. You also need to check the people around you are happy with that new scent.

Olfactory sensitivity varies greatly from one person to another depending on his/her culture, memories ...


Room fragrances will be selected based on the atmosphere you want to create in a room or at a specific time of the day. Fresh, sweet, energetic, sensory appeal for memories you want to relive... these fragrances provide a wide variety of scents for the different moments of your life to create emotionally charged memories.

Room sprays can be sprayed and complement your home. They privide an ethereal olfactory experience.

Scented oils need to be heated, the middle and base notes are then stronger for a more sensual atmosphere. They can also be used to recharge the scent of a potpourri.

Incense must be lit. Their fragrant smoke will develop in the room and can be used to cover other odours.

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Choosing the right fragrance

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