Capillary aging


Le system capillaire un phenomene plurifactoriel

This is multifactor phenomenon

As we age, the appearance of grey hairs is inevitable.  It is due to the progressive reduction in the quantity of coloured melanocytes.
But other signs of aging also affect the scalp, bulb, and hair fibre.
Hair is limp and dull, it becomes thinner and more fragile.
The mass of hair has lost in density, regrowth is slower.

Thanks to gentle hair colours and adapted hair care products, grey hairs are no longer a fatality.  You can hide those first grey hairs and cover a head of hair with up to 50% or 100% of grey hair depending on the type of hair colour product and shade chosen, with very natural results.  Consult the colour charts, powders and creams to help you in your choice.







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