For centuries, man only had natural pigments hidden in plants, minerals, mushrooms, etc… not forgetting animals at his disposal for dyeing materials and decorating his environment and body.

Pigments thus used during rituals, art and customs played a key role in creating a culture for the people who thus developed it into an expertise.  Indeed, dyeing is a true craft.  Henna was used as hair dye by the Egyptians.

In the Middle Ages, cultural and economic exchanges increased with the development of trade routes, notably by sea, and with them, the trade of spices and dye-plants.

Pastel, which brought wealth to the region of Albi, was thus, amongst others, supplanted by indigo imported from the colonies. 

Once again, in the 19th century, a new revolution - that of synthetic pigments - changed the course of things.

Industrially-made chemical colours thus became the fashion, totally replacing plant-based colours and dyes.

Only in the second half of the 20th century was there renewed interest in natural products and natural dyeing was put to the fore.

There are many reasons for this interest:

  • Suspicion linked to certain chemical molecules has generated a search for alternative natural solutions such as colouring products made with henna- and dye-plants.
  • The beautiful highlight-rich results from hairs colours made with henna and dye-plant give a very natural effect that meets user expectations.
  • Awareness of the need for a more sustainable lifestyle to save the planet.

We use henna and dye-plants carefully selected for their quality and colour.

Our expertise is also based on extraction techniques, working with henna and selecting and combining dye-plants. Our colours are designed to give full satisfaction and offer a large palette of shades.

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