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The French manufacturing company NJD Cosmetics offers more than 25 years of expertise and innovation in cosmetic products enriched with plants and active plant extracts and in fragrances inspired by nature.

  • gentle hair colour products free from oxidising agents, ammonia, p-phenylenediamine (PPD), resorcinol and heavy metals, hair care formulas made with plants and active plant ingredients known for their beneficial effects on the capillary system.
  • fragrances and scents for the home inspired by nature.


As a French manufacturer, the company saw a key turning point in 2005, when it asserted its commitment to combine all that is natural with traditional plant-based treatments.
It thus focussed its research on :

  • plants, dye-plants and active plant ingredients for hair care.
  • new technologies that help to preserve the best elements the plant has to offer.
  • scientific discoveries that shed light on the capillary system.


« Nature is precious, rich in colour, texture and beneficial resources; it inspires all of our creations. »





La société



French manufacturer NJD Cosmetics, specialising in hair colour and care products, took part in the Cosmoprof Asia Tradeshow held in Hong Kong during the month of November.

This was an opportunity to present its new products and share its passion for all things natural.* La gamme Henné Color propose des colorations et soins du cheveu au henné.

* The Henné Color range offers hair colours and treatments made with henna.

* The Henné Color Premium Vegetal range offers a new generation of hair colour products made with dye-plants and plant extracts.

* The Naturena range offers a new global approach to combating the hair aging.

New products

French manufacturer and expert in oxidant-free gentle hair colour and care products NJD Cosmetics would like to present its new products.

The Henné Color range offers 5 new Henna colouring creams for a wider palette of shades to bring radiance to your hair.

Henné ColorHenné Color Prenium VégetalNaturenaSpiritual Sky

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