Choosing your Henna maintenance shampoo

There are 7 colours of organic henna Henna maintenance shampoos, which match Henna colouring powders and creams from the Henné Color range, as well as a neutral Henna maintenance shampoo. 

Henna maintenance shampoos colours are ideal for enhancing your hair’s shine and highlights. Just choose the shade closest to your natural or coloured hair colour.  If you want to add even more highlights and depth to your hair, choose a colour one or two shades darker than your original colour. 

Neutral organic Henna maintenance shampoos can be used on all types of coloured and non-coloured hair as well as hair needing gentle shampoo or for frequent use.

For hair only. Our organic henna Henna maintenance shampoos is suitable for all hair types. External use only. Not suitable for eyelashes or eyebrows.

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Choosing your henna maintenance shampoo

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