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Our hair reflects our identity and femininity. Choosing your hair colour therefore requires great personal involvement as it is vital to “feel good about your colour". Changing your hair colour can mean you are projecting a new image: more confident, seductive, more natural... When choosing your hair colour, your skin tone, the colour of your eyes, the way you dress and the make-up you use must be taken into account. The result can be subtle. On the other hand, a change could lead to another for a complete transformation.

Our hair dyes are gentle and respect the hair’s natural structure. The hair is not bleached and cannot be lighter than your original hair colour. The hair is dyed by coating the hair with colour. The first grey hair can be covered with colouring powders covering up to 50 % grey hair and colouring creams up to 100%. The results will vary depending on the chosen colour. The colour chart is an essential technical tool that will guide you in your choice.

Colour chart for herbal colouring powders - Colour chart for colouring care creams

Are you looking to enhance and boost your natural or coloured hair colour?  Are you looking to cover your first grey hairs?  Choose a colour similar to your original hair colour. 

To obtain more intense and contrasted highlights, choose a darker hue with 1 or 2 differences in shade at the most.  The greater the difference in shade and the longer the product is left on, the more intense your highlights will be.  Consult the product information for waiting times.  You can also colour strands of your hair.

For hair only. Our hair colours are suitable for all hair types. External use only. Do not use to colour eyelashes or eyebrows.

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Choosing your henna hair colouring powder or cream?

Choosing your hair colour

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