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Our Henna colouring creams are gentle products free from oxidants, ammonia, p-phenylenediamine (PPD), resorcinol, synthetic fragrances, and heavy metals.  They are enriched with henna extract, a plant known for its properties regarding hair and scalp.

These gentle colours respect the hair fibre.  The hair structure remains unaltered, and is not discoloured.  Their regular use will intensify colour results and the beauty of your hair.  Henna colouring creams offer a wide palette of 12 colours, enabling you to play with highlights according to your own wishes or to follow the latest trends.  These products are suitable for all hair types, even coloured.

With these colours, you will be able to hide those first grey hairs and cover heads with up to 100% gray hairs depending on the chosen colour.  The results obtained will improve with the number of hair colours carried out.  The colour will be more intense and richer in highlights.  Consult the colour chart to guide you in your choice. 

The Henna colouring creams is a 2-in1 product: a hair colour and a conditioner.  No need for preparation; just apply to your hair and leave the colour cream on 20 to 40 min depending on the chosen result, then rinse with clear water.

Our henna

  • Sourced in India or Egypt, our henna is carefully selected, checked and incorporated to enable easy application and optimised colour results.
  • It is guaranteed free from heavy metals and p-phenylenediamine (PPD) that can cause certain henna tattoos to lead to serious allergies.
  • For your safety, independent specialised laboratories carry out microbiological tests on our products.

Your beauty result

The natural highlights of your hair are still visible after being subtly coloured by the gentle Henna colouring creams from the Henné Color range.

These dyes respect the hair fibre. All of the recognised beneficial properties of henna for your scalp and hair fibre will play their part in the beauty of your hair. Henna extract is a vegetable dye, has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and is a recognised natural hair conditioner. Your hair regains its softness, shine and volume.

For hair only. Colours suitable for all hair types. External use only. Do not use to colour eyelashes or eyebrows. May cause an allergic reaction.

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