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Certain parts of dye plants or colour-rich plants can be used to prepare hair colorants or dyes. Hundreds of dye plants have been used by man over the centuries throughout different cultures and civilisations.

Still used in the late 19th century, they were gradually replaced by synthetic dyes. However, colorants made from vegetable dyes are different from those produced by synthesis. Their colour palette gives richer and more subtle results.

Using natural dyes, such as colour-rich plants, is part of our commitment and thinking on sustainable development.

The development of new extraction processes has allowed us to extract the best ingredients from the plant. Our users who are concerned with their well-being are increasingly aware of environmental issues, hence their renewed interest in dye plants and vegetable dyes.

Salon professionals are also increasingly interested in gentle hair colours enriched with based on dye plants which are free from oxidants.

NJD Cosmetics - Henne Color Premium Vegetal - Herbal hair color powders

NJD Cosmetics - Henne Color Premium Vegetal - Colouring hair creams with active plant ingredients

NJD Cosmetics - Henne Color Premium Vegetal - Hair care with active plant ingredients

Did you know?

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