Henné Color Premium Végétal Range

The Henné Color Premium Végétal range offers a new generation of gentle hair colours made with dye plants carefully selected for their colouring properties.

These provide colour-rich highlights. Our hair colours, either powder or cream, contain active plant ingredients which are recognised for their beneficial effect on hair and are traditionally used by holistic alternative medicine. These are colouring hair care treatments.

Herbal hair color powders
NJD Cosmetics Henne Color Premium Vegetal Colouring care creams
NJD Cosmetics Henne Color Premium Vegetal Hair care

Our gentle hair colours, both Herbal hair color powders and Colouring care creams, are free from oxidants, ammonia, p-phenylenediamine (PPD), resorcinol, parabens and heavy metals. For your safety, our products are microbiologically tested by independent specialised laboratories.

All our formulas have been tested under medical supervision.

Our dye plant formulas  formulas containing dye plants are exclusive. All are carefully designed to combine natural ingredients and sensory pleasure, safety and efficiency. Our hair colours are gentle and respect your hair fibre. They are enriched with active plant ingredients which have numerous beneficial effects on the hair and scalp: one single step for hair care and hair colour.

The new generation Henné Color Premium Végétal hair colours can be combined with 3 hair care treatment products: a herbal fortifying treatment, a shine enhancing shampoo and a nourishing care mask with 10% mango butter. All three products contain active plant ingredients which work in synergy on the hair fibre.
Our creed: more nature, more care, more pleasure for more beauty.


Our active plant ingredients

  • Mango butter which is extracted from the fruit kernel is rich in essential fatty acids and has exceptional nutritional and moisturising properties. It is richer than a vegetable oil.
  • Green tea from unfermented leaves has its original composition preserved. It is a powerful antioxidant which has a protective action against UVs and environmental toxins.
  • Fig vinegar, thanks to its acidic pH, tightens hair scales, smoothes hair fibres bringing beautiful shine to your hair. Your hair returns to electrostatic neutrality. It is also suitable for scalps prone to dandruff.

These 3 active ingredients work in synergy resulting in care and beauty for your hair.


Your beauty result

Our products contain fewer chemicals, the hair structure is therefore preserved. On the other hand, they contain hair care plant and herbal extracts with moisturising, nutritional and antioxidant properties. They work in synergy to provide softness, suppleness, volume and shine to your hair.

Our gentle hair colours with dye plants and plant extracts are very easy to apply and can be used at home or in a salon. Your hair’s natural highlights come to life again.

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Our hair colours with dye plants and active plant ingredients

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