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The Henné Color range takes inspiration from oriental henna-base hair care traditions. Henna, a shrub originally from the East, has been used for millennia to colour hair and for its hair fibre and scalp treatment properties.


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The Henné Color range offers a large range of gentle hair colours and care products made with henna:  Henna hair colouring powders and creams, colour hair care products, specific hair type products as well as hair “makeup”.

For the past 25 years, our henna colouring products are formulated free from hydrogen peroxide – ammonia – p-phenylenediamine (PPD) – synthetic fragrances – resorcinol – and heavy metals.
All our formulas are tested under medical supervision.

Henna, with its various scalp and hair fibre treatment properties, is the central active ingredients in this range.

Our creed: offering Henna hair colouring  and care products that respect, protect and enhance your hair.


´╗┐Our henna

  • Our creed: offering Henna hair colouring  and care products that respect, protect and enhance your hair.
  • It is guaranteed free from heavy metals and p-phenylenediamine (PPD) that can cause certain henna tattoos to lead to serious allergies.
  • For your safety, independent specialised laboratories carry out microbiological tests on our products.


Your beauty results

Your hair’s natural highlights are coloured transparently by the gentle Henna hair colouring powders and creams, which respect the hair fibre.  All henna beneficial properties for the scalp and hair fibre are combined in our henna colouring and hair care products.  Henna brings suppleness, softness, volume and shine to your hair.  It is also antioxidant and antibacterial, colours and makes for easier hairstyling.

Our colour products are very simple to apply and use at home.
This product is for hair only and is suitable for all hair types.  External use only.  Do not use to colour eyelashes or eyebrows.


La gamme Henné Color s’inspire des traditions orientales de soins du cheveu au henné. Le henné, arbuste originaire d’orient, est utilisé depuis des millénaires pour colorer la chevelure et pour ces bienfaits sur la fibre capillaire et le cuir chevelu.

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