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Over the millennia, a number of countries have developed traditional types of medicine rooted in their culture and pharmacopeia.

These ancestral forms of medicine use local plants identified for their properties. They offer a general approach to the human being, integrating physical, psychological, spiritual as well as environmental aspects.

Safety requirements as well as the need for a general approach to beauty and care and a new relationship with our bodies and nature has led to a true renewed interest for phytotherapy or treatments using plants.

Ayurvedic, Chinese, African and American medicine… are as many sources of inspiration for products made with plants. These ancestral traditions are thus reinterpreted to bring modern solutions to new expectations linked to care, wellbeing and beauty.

We take inspiration from this tried-and-tested knowledge and treatments from the past to offer modern products adapted to the needs of our era.

This combination of the past, the present and our future vision nourishes our creations.

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