Scented plants

A great number of civilisation have been using perfume for thousands of years.  Obtained from fragrant woods and resins, it was burned and the smoke had religious, magical or ritual significance.

Inventing the still then mastering distillation made for a major breakthrough in manufacturing perfume.
Flowers hold a prominent place in perfumery; however leaves, herbs, roots, bark, moss, resins and fruit represent a host of raw materials for perfumers with the skill to combine them into olfactory worlds calling on our imagination.

Our perfumes are created with a partner perfumer and take us on olfactory journeys.
Floral, woody, oriental, citrusy: our fragrant harmonies are designed to be in synergy with the wearer and those around her.

Knowledge of raw materials and their origin is needed to create a perfume.  Indeed, every flower, fruit, and bark will give off a unique scent depending on their place of origin.  Thus, the perfumer’s expertise and sensitivity make for the quality of the olfactory composition. 

Today, perfume adds a little bit of soul, sublimates our personality and accompanies our emotions.

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